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Curriculum Vitae

Nili Samet

1. Higher Education         

2006–2010: Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.

Thesis: The Lamentation Over the Destruction of Ur: A Revised Edition (Magna Cum Laude). Supervisors: Prof. Jacob Klein and Prof. Shemuel Vargon.

2003–2005: M.A. in Assyriology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Thesis: "Dialogue of Pessimism": A Revised Edition, a Commentary and a Literary Analysis (Cum Laude). Supervisor: Dr. Wayne Horowitz.

1998–2000: B.Ed. in Bible, Herzog College, Alon-Shvut (Cum Laude).


2. Grants, Awards and Fellowships


2017–2021:   Israel Science Foundation, Research Grant

2018:             Starr Fellowship in Judaica at the Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University

2016:            Israel Council for Higher Education, Grant for Developing a MOOC Course.

2015:            Research grant from the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development.

2014:            Beit-Shalom Grant, Bar-Ilan University.

2013:            Beit-Shalom Grant, Bar-Ilan University.

2013:            IHEL Foundation Grant, Bar-Ilan University.

2012:            IHEL Foundation Grant, Bar-Ilan University.

2011:            Beit-Shalom Grant, Bar-Ilan University.

2011‒2014: Alon Fellowship for Outstanding young researchers, Israel Council for Higher Education.

2011‒2012: Research Grant, Jewish Memorial Foundation.

2010–2011: Bikura Post Doctoral Scholarship, Israel Science Foundation.

2010:         Churgin Award for Excellent PhD thesis.

2009–2010: Post Doctoral Fellowship, Samuel Noah Kramer Institute for                 


2009–2010: President Fellowship for Post-Doctoral Research, Bar-Ilan                 


2005–2008: President Fellowship for Excellent Ph.D. Students, Bar-Ilan


2007:           Research Grant for collating tablets in Musées d'art et d'histoire, Genève, Bar-Ilan University.

2006–2007: The Bible Fellows Program Scholarship, Matan Institute for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.


 3. Academic Positions

2011‒ Present: Lecturer, Tenure Track, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.

2009–2011: Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. 

2007–2008: Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.

2005–2007: Lecturer, Matan Institute for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.

2004–2005: Lecturer, Herzog College, Alon-Shvut.


4. Lectures and Invited Seminars

November 2018: "Linguistic Dating of the Book of Qohelet: a New Direction", SBL 2018 Annual Meeting, Denver.

November 2018: "Which Aramaic Dialect Stands at the Background of the Book of Qohelet?", Mainz International Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew, Mainz.

February 2018: "Qohelet’s Idiolect: The Language of a Jew in a Changing World", Starr Seminar, Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University, Boston.

March 2018: "Qohelet's Language: an Extra-Linguistic Look", Jewish Theological Seminary, New York.

November 2017: "A Diachronic Look at the Biblical Root hbk", SBL 2017 Annual Meeting, Boston.

November 2016: "Qohelet between Ancient Near Eastern and Hellenistic Traditions", Workshop on Teaching Morals in Antiquity: Wisdom Texts, Oral Traditions, and Images, Leipzig.

November 2016: "New Light on the Administrative Term bēn bayît and Its Implications for Linguistic Dating", SBL 2016 Annual Meeting, San-Antonio.

November 2015: "The Question of LBH Syntax". SBL 2015 Annual Meeting, Atlanta.

October 2015: "Toward a Description of LBH Syntax: The Case of Ecclesiastes 1−2", Mainz International Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew, Mainz.

July 2015:  "Linguistic Dating of the Book of Proverbs: Methods, Problems and Preliminary Results", Humboldt University, Berlin.

June 2015: "The Redaction of Qohelet in Light of Mesopotamian Wisdom Literature", University of Koblenz-Landau, Landau.

June 2015: "Biblical and Mesopotamian Vanity Literature", Heidelberg University, Heidelberg.

June 2014: "Gilgamesh and Qohelet: A New Look", SBL 2014 International Meeting, Vienna.

June 2014: "The Motif of Vanity in Ancient Near Eastern Literature: Transmission, Reception and Adaptation," International Conference on 3000 Years of Textual Production and Dissemination in the ANE, Tel Aviv University.

January 2014: "Family Relations in Mesopotamian Proverb Literature", Annual Conference of the Israel Society for Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Tel-Aviv.

November 2013: "Dating the Book of Proverbs on Linguistic Grounds: Challenges and Chances", SBL 2013 Annual Meeting, Baltimore.

August 2013: "Philosophical Terms in the Book of Qohelet", 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.

July 2013: "Dating the Hezekian Collection on Linguistic Grounds", SBL 2013 International Meeting, St. Andrews.

May 2013: "Qohelet and the Ancient Near Eastern Literature of Vanity: A Reassessment", International Conference on Jewish Religion in Light of New Inscriptions and Papyri, Jeselsohn Epigraphic Center for Jewish History, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.

November 2012: "Are We Still Allowed to Read Literature as History? The Sumerian City Laments as a Test-Case", Conference on Historical Memory in the Ancient Near East, Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv.

July 2012: "Removing a Garment on a Cold Day: the MT of Proverbs 25,20 and the Redaction History of Biblical Proverbs", SBL 2012 International Meeting, Amsterdam.

April 2011: "Agricultural Imagery in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Descriptions of Catastrophes", Hebrew Bible Seminar, Columbia University, New York.

November 2010: "On the Agricultural Imagery in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Descriptions of Catastrophes", SBL 2010 Annual Meeting, Atlanta.

May 2010: "Biblical Thought vs. Ancient Near Eastern Thought as Reflected in the Wisdom Literature", The Judaic Studies Program, Drexel University, Philadelphia.

April 2010: "On the Phenomenon of Literary Adaptation in the Bible and the Ancient Near East", Jewish Theological Seminary, New York.

February 2010: "Processes of Literary Adaptation in the Bible and the Ancient Near East: An Ancient Proverb as a Test Case", Judah Goldin Seminar for Biblical studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

November 2009: "The Tallest Man Cannot Reach Heaven; The Broadest Man Cannot Cover Earth" –Reconsidering the Proverb and its Biblical Parallels", SBL 2009 Annual Meeting, New Orleans.

August 2009: "The Sumerian City Laments and the Book of Lamentation: A Comparative Theological View", Fifteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.

January 2006: "Take off a Garment in Cold Weather (Proverbs 25:20)", Torah Study, Exegesis and Research: International Conference Marking the Centenary of Nehama Leibowitz’s Birth, The Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.


5. Other Academic Activities

2017–Current: Program Unit Chair, International SBL Section of Wisdom Literature in the Bible and in the Ancient Near East Section.

2016–Current:  Steering Committee Member, SBL Section of Wisdom in Israelite and Cognate Traditions. 

2015–Current: Trustee Committee Member, The Israel Society for Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Israel.

2013−Current: Board Member, Israel Biblical Society.

2014–2015:  Member of the Young Scholars Forum of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

2007–2009: Editorial Board member, Massekhet (published by Matan, Jerusalem, in association with Heller Center for the Study of Women, Bar Ilan University). 




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Course title

2011–2012, 2018-2019

Biblical Aramaic

2011–2012, 2018-2019

Aramaic of the Targums


Akkadian for Beginners


Lamentations and Ruth


Esther and Qohelet


The Book of Job


The Book of Proverbs


Introduction to Biblical Research


The Lament in the Bible and in the Ancient Near East


The Bible in Light of the Ancient Near East

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