The Department of Hebrew Bible at Bar-Ilan University

The Department of Bible is the largest academic program of Hebrew Bible studies in the world. Our outstanding faculty covers the full breadth of Hebrew Bible studies, and its members are leading contributors to research in the field. Our students come from all over the world and from diverse faiths and backgrounds to study in a warm, welcoming, and intellectually invigorating environment in the land of the Bible. Students considering graduate work are invited to propose a project.

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Dr. Dominick Hernandez, an alumnus of the Bible Department's international program and now an associate professor of Old Testament and Semitics at Biola University, talks about his time at Bar-Ilan.
Academic Staff
Research: Bible; Dead Sea Scrolls, Second Temple Jewish Literature; Epigraphy of the First and Second Temple Periods.
Lamentations: From Despair to Prayer Publications
Author: Elie Assis
The destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in the sixth century bce brought its inhabitants pain,…
Caravaggio - Sacrificio di Isacco - Google Art Project Research Fields
The literary approach to the Bible; plot, narrator, structure, message,…