MA Programs

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MA for International Students


Master's Degree

Master's level study equips students for high level research of the Tanakh, and prepares them for research on the doctoral level.

Requirements for Admission:

1.        GPA of 76 or above in bachelor degree studies.

2.       Students whose B.A. is in another discipline or who have come from outside the university are often required to enroll in supplementary B.A. level courses in Tanakh, prior to commencing study on the master's level.

Tracks of Study:

1.       Track A (with thesis) – 12 credits of study

2.       Track B (without thesis) – 18 credits

3.       Teacher's Track (without thesis) – 18 credits


One Year M.A. Program

The department offers an intensified one-year master's program (without thesis).  The program requires students to take nine courses in one of two tracks:

1.       Studies during the regular year of one full day a week + intensified summer courses of 2-4 weeks.

2.       Study during the year spread over two days – Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The program is flexible and can be tailor-made to fit individual needs.   Students that need to fulfill requirements of supplemental study will be assigned a personalized schedule of study.  The program is specifically geared to teachers who are on sabbatical, but is open to all qualified and interested.

Here are the MA and PhD courses for 2017/18:


Courses in Hebrew

  • Man and His Wife in Biblical Law
  • Measure for Measure in the Bible
  • Methods in the research of biblical narrative
  • Second Temple prophets
  • The Septuagint to the Book of Samuel
  • Jewish Medieval interpretation
  • The Book of Deuteronomy
  • Biblical grammar and Lexicology
  • Literary Interpretation of the Book of Kings
  • The Book of Song of Songs and its Reception
  • Genesis Traditions in the Bible and ANE
  • Aramaic Targum
  • From Enoch to Noah in Early Biblical Interpretation



Courses in English

  • Abraham Narratives
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Book of Kings: Textual Evidence for Biblical History

Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes