Year Student Advisor
2015 Metaphor in the book of Numbers PhD Markose Howard Prof. Edward (Ed) Greenstein
2014 "Every False Way" - A Methodological Study in Stories of Lies and Deception in Biblical Narrative PhD Fargeon Yoshiyahu Prof. Edward (Ed) Greenstein
2014 The Crises of Identity in the Narratives of Ahab's Reign (1 Kings 16:29 - 22:40) MA Dishi Gad Prof. Elie Assis
2014 The Song of Moses: A Reprise of Gebese Narratives טברסקי גאולה Prof. Joshua Berman
2012 'המזמורים הנכבדים' בפירוש רבי אברהם אבן עזרא לספר תהלים: הגות ופרשנות PhD וגנר הרצליה Prof. Yosef Ofer, Prof. Aharon Mondschein
2012 Confrontational Dialogue between Prophet and King in the Light of Conversation Analysis PhD Kim jinsan Prof. Isaac Gottlieb
2012 Isaac the Patriarchal Father: A Literary Analysis of Genesis 25-28:9 PhD Schwartz Sarah Prof. Elie Assis
2012 Rabbeinu Tam's Treatise on the Confrontation between Menahem Ben Saruq and Dunash Ben Labrat: Editing the Composition and Analyzing the Exegetical Method of Scripture of Rabbeinu Tam Based upon this Compositon PhD Lasser Gedalia Prof. Yosef Ofer
2012 The 'Theological Chapters' in Abraham Ibn Ezra's Commentary on the Book of Psalms: Philosophy and Biblical Exegesis PhD Wagner Herzlia Prof. Yosef Ofer
2012 The Exegetic Approach of Rashi, Radak and Ramban to Geographical Themes in the Bible PhD Seneor David Prof. Yosef Ofer
2012 The Judah's Society in the Middle Age Era in the Book of Ezra - From the Dedication of the Temple and Passover Celebration until the Ezra Immigration MA Bin-nun Elyachin Prof. Joseph Fleishman
2012 The Principles of Structural Cohesion in the Book of Koheleth and their Exegetical Consequences PhD Cohen Nava Prof. Elie Assis
2011 Between Biblical Exegesis and Philosophy: The Characteristics of Biblical Exegesis in the Works of Peshat Commentators of the Philosophical School of Provence in the 13th and 14th Centuries PhD Tzeitkin Yechiel Prof. Yosef Ofer
2011 Creation Traditions in Psalms, Proverbs and Job in the Light of Creation Models from the Ancient Near East and from Genesis PhD Cohen Adiel Prof. Edward (Ed) Greenstein
2011 R. Yosef B"R Avraham Hayon's Commentary on Psalms - An analysis of his Exegetical Method and an Annalytical Critical Edition of Selected Chapters PhD Kapah Yohanan Prof. Yosef Ofer
2011 The Legal Status of the Mother in the Bible and in the Ancient Near East PhD Jacobsen Leah Prof. Joseph Fleishman
2011 The Torah Commentary in Midrash Hachamim's Manuscript PhD Barzilay Yoav Prof. Yosef Ofer
2011 Usurpers in the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel PhD Or-yareah Nurit Prof. Shmuel Vargon
2010 Narrative Modes for Presenting Inner Life of the Biblical Character PhD Lev-ran Yizhak Prof. Yael Shemesh
2010 Rashi's Commentary on the Book of Proverbs: A Critical Edition and an analysis of Rashi's Exegetical Method PhD Fredman Lisa Prof. Jordan S. Penkower
2010 The Exegetical Method of R. Hezekiah Ben Manoah (Hizquni) on athe Torah PhD Priel Yosef Prof. Yosef Ofer
2010 The Image of Women in the Pentateuch as Reflected in Medieval Jewish Exegesis PhD aran Bruria Prof. Isaac Gottlieb
2010 The Lamentation Over the Destruction of Ur: A Revised Edition PhD סמט נילי Prof. Jacob Klein, Prof. Shmuel Vargon
2009 The Exegetical Method of Rabbi Joseph Yaabez in his Psalms Commentary PhD Peleg Erez Prof. Amos Frisch
2009 The Expiatory Use of Blood in Hittite and Biblical Ritual: The Origin and Development of Blood as as Symbol PhD פדר יצחק Prof. Rimon Kasher