Prof. Edward (Ed) Greenstein

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Department of Bible                                                   Home address:

Bar Ilan University                                                     42 Zippori Street

Ramat Gan 52900 Israel                                             Jerusalem 94544 Israel


Born: 18 January 1949, Rockville Centre, New York

Citizenship: U.S.A., Israel (since 1996)

Married with two adult children (one married)




1966-1970            History                                                  BA          Columbia University

1966-1970            Bible                                                      BHL        Jewish Theological Seminary

1970-1971            Bible and Semitics                            ----         Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1970-1971            Rabbinic Literature                          ----         Schechter  Insitute, Jerusalem

1971-1974            Jewish Studies                                  MA         Jewish Theological Seminary

1971-1975            Ancient Semitic Languages          MPhil    Columbia University

1975-1977            Ancient Semitic Languages          PhD        Columbia University



Full appointments

1977-1983                            Bible                      Assistant Prof.   Jewish Theological Seminary

1983-1989                            Bible                      Associate Prof. Jewish Theological Seminary

1989-1996                            Bible                      Full Professor    Jewish Theological Seminary

1996-2006                            Bible                      Full Professor    Tel Aviv University

2006-                                     Bible                      Full Professor    Bar Ilan University

Part-time appointments

1975-1977                            Semitics               Preceptor                            Columbia University

1975-1976                            Bible                      Lecturer                               Hebrew Union College-JIR

1975-1979                            Bible/Hebrew    Adjunct Lecturer              Hunter College

1976                                       Bible                      Preceptor                            Jewish Theological Seminary

1979-1980                            Bible                      Lecturer                              Union Theological Seminary

1982-1983                            Semitics               Adjunct  Lecturer             Columbia University

1983-1984                            sabbatical leave                                                                Jewish Theological Seminary

1985-1987                            Semitics               Visiting Lecturer               Columbia University

1985                                       Religion                                Visiting Associate Prof.                  Princeton University

1986                                       Bible      Visiting Associate Prof.                  Union Theological Seminary

1986-1988                            Bible      Visiting Associate Prof.  Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

1987                                       Religion                               Visiting Associate Prof.  Yale University

1987-1989                            Semitics               Adjunct Associate Prof. Columbia University

1990                                       Religion                                Visiting Professor             Yale University

1990-1991                            Semitics               Adjunct Professor           Columbia University

1991-1993                            sabbatical and research leave                     Hebrew University

1991-1992                            Bible                      Visiting Professor             Schechter Institute

1992-1993                            Bible                      Visiting Professor             Hebrew University

1992-1993                            Bible                      Visiting Professor             Tel Aviv University

1996 (summer)                 Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

1996-1999                            Bible                      Visiting Professor             Bar Ilan University

2000 (spring-summer)   Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

2004 (summer)                 Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

2004-2010                            Bible                      Visiting Professor     Hebrew U.  International School

2005-2006                            Bible                      Visiting Professor             Schechter Institute

2006 (summer)                 Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

2007 (summer)                 Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

2008 (summer)                 Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

2011 (summer)                 Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

2012 (spring)                      Bible      Visiting Professor             Hebrew Union College (Israel)

2014 (summer)                 Bible                      Visiting Professor             Jewish Theological Seminary

2015 (spring)                      Bible                      Visiting Professor             Tel Aviv University



Committees and Roles Inside Bar Ilan University

2006-2007            Member              University Senate

2007-2011            Member              Committee on Outside Employment

2007--                   Board Member Jeselsohn Center for Epigraphy in Jewish History

2009--                   Head                     Institute for Jewish Biblical Interpretation

2010-16 Member              Graduate School Committee

2011-2013            Member              University Committee on Appointments

2011-2015            Member              University Committee on Instruction

2011-2015            Member              Post-Doctoral Fellowships for Women Committee

2012--                   Holder of Meiser Chair in Biblical Studies

2012--                   Holder of Merkin Chair in Abraham Ibn Ezra Exegesis

2012--                   Member              Weiser Chair in Jewish Exegesis Committee

2012--                   Member              University Senate

2013-2015            Mentor                Research Grant Writing, Faculty of Jewish Studies

2014--                   Member              Committee to Examine School of Basic Jewish Studies

2015-2017            Head                     (Interdisciplinary Graduate) Program in Hermeneutics

                                                                and Cultural Studies


Committees and Roles outside Bar Ilan University

(excluding numerous evaluations of manuscripts for publishers and articles for journals, including only most important roles)

Administrative Roles in Academic Institutions

1979-1984            Assistant Chair, Bible      Jewish Theological Seminary

1980-1987            Academic Adviser, College           Jewish Theological Seminary

1984                       Acting Chair, Bible            Jewish Theological Seminary

1984-1985            Acting Dean, College      Jewish Theological Seminary

1985-1989            Chair, Bible                         Jewish Theological Seminary

2004-2005            Chair, Bible Dept.             Tel Aviv University

2004-2006            Member, Committee on Appointments                Tel Aviv University

2005-2006            Head, Bible Program       Tel Aviv University


Academic Boards and Committees

1973-1974            Associate Editor The Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society

1974--                   Editor/Coeditor  The Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society (an annual)

1977-1984            Consultant in Bible          Melton Research Center in Jewish Education

1979-1990            Associate Editor                                Prooftexts: A Journal of Jewish Literary History

1981-1983            Board member                 Association of Jewish Studies

1984-1985            Consultant for WNET television series “Civilization and the Jews”

1985-1989            Board member                 Jewish Publication Society

1985-1995            Advisory board member               Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature

1987                       Chair      Conference on the State of Jewish Studies, Jewish Theol. Seminary

1987-1990            Editorial Board member                                Hebrew Annual Review

1987-1990            Chair      Columbia University Seminar for the Study of the Hebrew Bible

1988-1990            Chair of Ugaritic Studies Group                  Society of Biblical Literature

1988-1990            Board member                 Association for Jewish Studies

1988-1993            Editor                    Society of Biblical Literature Semeia Studies (book series)

1988-1993            Editorial Board member                                                Semeia (journal)

1990-1992            Consultant for Core Exhibit          The Jewish Museum (New York)

1995                       Special editor                     The Schocken Bible 1: The Five Books of Moses by

 Everett Fox

1995-1998            Editorial Board member                                Biblicon (journal)

1997-2013            Board member                 World Union of Jewish Studies

1999-2000            Member                              Israel Prize in Bible Committee

2001-2003            Chair, Grants Committee for Bible and Talmud  Israel Science Foundation

2002-2006            Academic Consultant for Bible Publlications         The Open University

2002-2006            Publications committee member              Te’uda  (academic  series)

2002-2008            Associate editor                               Society of Biblical Literature Writings from the

                                                                                Ancient World (book series)

2003--                   Academic Advisory Board member         Resling Publications 

2003-2004            Chair                      Israel Association for Assyriology and the Ancient Near East

2003-2005            Academic Consultant     MaTaH (Centre for Educational Technology )

2004                       Academic Consultant in Bible                      Reches Publications

2005-2013            Academic Council member          World Union of Jewish Studies

2005--                   Trustee                                W. F. Abright Institute for Archaeological Research

2005                       Organizer of symposium   “The Contribution of Assyriology to Biblical

                                                                                Studies,” Tel Aviv University, February 24.

2006-2009            Supervisory Committee member             Council for Higher Education

2006-2010            Advisory Committee in Bible       Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

2008--                   Trustee                Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

2008-2010            Chair, Grants Committee for Biblical Studies        Israel Science Foundation

2009-2010            Chair of committee                         Israel Prize in Bible  

2009-2013            Executive board member             World Union of Jewish Studies

2009-2013            Academic Council member          Schechter Institute for Judaic Studies

2010-2013            Chair, Supervisory Committee                   Council for Higher Education

2010-2013            Academic consultant in Bible      Kinneret-Zmora-Bitan-Dvir Publications

2010-2013            Chair, Biblical World section         World Union of Jewish Studies

2011-                     Committee member for post-doctoral fellowships in Jewish Studies        Yad

                                                                                                Hanadiv/Beracha Foundation

2012                       Committee member for E. E. Urbach Memorial Fellowships         Memorial

                                                Foundation for Jewish Studies and World Union of Jewish Studies

2013--                   Board member                                 Schechter Institute for Judaic Studies

2014-2015            Chair of committee                         Israel Prize in Bible

2015-                     Committee member      International Advisory Board of the

Katz Center for Advanced Jewish Studies, University of Pennsylvania

2015                       Committee member      President (of the State of Israel)’s                                                           Doctoral Fellowships

2016--                   Member, Editorial Board              Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies, new book series (Hebrew)

Research Grants (since 2010)

2010                       Book of Job                        Beit Shalom Japan                           $2,000

2011                       Book of Job                        Beit Shalom Japan                           $1,000

2012-2014            Fugitive Hero Stories      Israel Science Foundation            NIS 160,000

2013                       Book of Job                        Beit Shalom Japan                           $2,000

2015                       Book of Lamentations    Beit Shalom Japan                           NIS 11,000

2016                       Book of Yashar                  Beit Shalom Japan                           NIS 7,000

2016-18 Reconstructing Early Hebrew Epic Poetry              ISF          NIS 176,000


Awards and Fellowships

1971-1972            National Defense Education Act Fellow  Columbia University

1972-1973            Danciger Foundation Fellow                        Columbia University

1973-1975            President’s Fellow                                           Columbia University

1976-1977            F. J. E. Woodbridge Distinguished Fellow Columbia University

1983-1984            Research Fellowship                       Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

1983-1984            Abbell Research Fellowship                         Jewish Theological Seminary

1987                       Publication Grant                                             Max Richter Foundation

1989                       Summer Research Stipend          National Endowment for the Humanities

1991-1992            Senior Research Fellowship         National Endowment for the Humanities 

1991-1993            Research Fellowship                       Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

1992-1993            Fellowship                          John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

1995-1998            Guastella Fellow (for distinguished immigrant scholars)  Raschi Foundation

2001                       Publication Grant                                             Dorot Foundation

2001                       Publication Grant                                             Lucius N. Littauer Foundation

2001                       Publication Grant                             School of Jewish Studies, Tel Aviv University

2001-2002            Fellowship                          Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University

2006-2009            Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus  Distinguished Scholar      Bar Ilan University

2008-2010            Research Grant                                                 Israel Science Foundation


Student Advising

1983                       Israel Haggay                     DHL (Doctor of Hebrew Literature)

1988                       Yaakov Thompson           DHL

1988                       Amnon Shapira                 DHL

1989                       Deborah Bedor                 DHL

1991                       Eliezra Herzog                    PhD

1991                       Ora Horn Prouser             PhD

1993                       Alice Bach                            PhD

1993                       Emanuel  Ben-Naeh        DHL

1997                       Arie Cohen                         DHL

1997                       Robert  A. Harris               PhD

1997                       Vesta Kowalski                  PhD

1997                       Sara Goldberger               MA

2000                       Yitzhak Peleg                     PhD

2000                       Moshe Haggai                   DHL

2001                       Amira Baider                      MA

2001                       Yafit Miodovnik                MA

2003                       Ruth Gerry                          MA

2003                       Joshua Berman                 PhD

2004                       Rachel Bartal                      MA

2004                       Dmitri Slivniak                    PhD

2004                       Varda Bergman                 MA

2005                       Shirly Natan Yulzary        MA

2005                       Jaeyoung Jeon                  MA

2005                       Sharon Shvartz                  MA

2006                       Michal Mayorchik            MA

2006                       Assnat Bartor                     PhD

2006                       Amnon Shapira                 PhD

2007                       Ora Brison                           MA

2007                       Bat-sheva Brosh               PhD

2008                       Yaakov Ben-Basat            MA

2008                       Osnat Faust                        PhD

2009                       Amira Baider                      PhD

2009                       Yoshiyahu Fargeon          MA

2009                       Zvi Shimon                          PhD

2010                       Micha Roi                            PhD

2010                       Adi  Azruel Sharabi          MA

2010                       Howard Markose             MA

2011                       Orit Avnery                         PhD

2011                       Shirly Natan Yulzary        PhD

2011                       Adiel Cohen                       PhD

2012                       Jaeyoung  Jeon                 PhD

2012                       Noga  Ayali Darshan        PhD

2013                       Ehud Shevach                    PhD

2014                       Aviya  Fraenkel                 MA

2014                       Yoshiyahu  Fargeon         PhD

2015                       ShinAe  Kim                        PhD

2015                       Howard Markose             PhD

2016                       LapKuen Lee                      MA

Postdoctoral students

Michael Seleznev (Yad Ha-Nadiv Fellow, Jerusalem, 1999-2000).

Robert D. Holmstedt (Fulbright Fellow, Jerusalem, 2000-2001).

Alison Lo (by request of Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2003-2004).

Itzhak Benyamini (Bar-Ilan University, 2012-2013).