Prof. Jordan S. Penkower



    • Hebrew University (1970)
    • Maizer Foundation, Yeshiva University (1972-1973)
    • Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (1972-1973)
    • National Foundation for Jewish Culture (1973)
    • Invitation on behalf of: The Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Leningrad branch (August-September 1990)
    • The Rabbi Dr. Samuel Belkin Literary Award, Yeshiva University, 1995 – for my book: New Evidence for the Pentateuch Text in the Aleppo Codex.
    • My book, New Evidence for the Pentateuch Text in the Aleppo Codex, received two publication grants:
      Louis and Mina Epstein Foundation, at the Amercian Academy for Jewish Research (1992).
      Maizer Foundation, at Bar-Ilan University (1992).
    • Our book, The Bible in Rabbinic Interpretation, vol. 1: Hosea, received four grants:
      BIU Research Authority (1994; 1995).
      BIU Research Authority Publication Grant (1996).
      President of Israel’s Publication Grant Foundation - Am”os Foundation (1998).
      The prestigious American Academy for Jewish Research Publication Grant (2001).
    • Our book, The Bible in Rabbinic Interpretation, vol. 2: Joel and Amos, received a grant from the Beit Shalom Foundation (2007).
      It was later awarded a grant from the Dean, faculty of Jewish Studies (2009).


    Textual Transmission of the Bible: Manuscripts (and Masorah) and Printed Editions

    Biblical Exegesis: Rabbinic Exegesis; Medieval Exegesis

    Biblical Narrative

    Biblical Historiography – Chronicles

    Wisdom Literature




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    Short Articles
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                                                                    LECTURES ON VIDEO

    55. Ma‘aseh Bereshit: The First Books Published by Bomberg (Heb.), the Schocken Institute, Jerusalem, 9 April 2018; on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition: Man/Book – Jews, Converts and Christians Printing Hebrew in Daniel Bomberg’s Printing House in Venice.

    56. Jewish and Christian Art Reflecting Midrashim on the Book of Jonah (Heb.),  2 September 2021, part of the Book Launch on zoom, in honor of the publication: The Bible in Rabbinic Exegesis, Volume III. The Book of Jonah (below, BOOKS, no. 7).…


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         Five reviews (scroll down in the following link):

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    Books Edited
    8. Studies in Bible and Exegesis, vol. 7, Menahem Cohen Jubilee Volume (Y.Klein, Y. Ofer, J.S. Penkower, S. Vargon, eds.), Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press 2005, 510 pp. (Heb.).



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