Dr. Zvi Shimon




    ·  Ph.D., Bible, Bar Ilan University,

       Dissertation: Contrast in Biblical Narrative (Heb.), Supervisor Prof. Ed Greesnstein

       President's Scholarship Program

       Pinchas Churgin Award for Outsdanding Doctoral Thesis                             2009

    ·  M.S., Education, Yeshiva University                                                             

     Block Scholarship Program                                                              1998

    ·  B.A., with Honors, Talmud and Bible, Bar Ilan University

    Dean's List of  Excellent Undergraduate Students                                                            1994


    Professional Experience


    ·  Bible Lecturer, Bar Ilan University                                                                     2001-present

    ·  Bible Lecturer, Ashkelon College                                                                         2005-present

    ·  Bible lecturer, Herzog Teacher's College                                                                   2011-12

    ·  Virtual Beit Midrash (VBM)                                                                                    1996-98

    Weekly internet article on bilical exegesis with a subscription of over a thousand students


    Awards and Honors


    ·   Outstanding Lecturer, Bar Ilan University                                                                                   2011

    ·   Memorial Foundation Grant                                                                                        2011

    ·   Outstanding Lecturer, Ashkelon College                                                             2010

    ·   Beth Shalom Grant                                                                                                    2010

    ·   Pinchas Churgin Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis                                     2009

    ·   President's Scholarship for Excellent Doctoral Students, Bar Ilan University                     2003   

    ·   Block Program Scholarship, Yeshiva University                                                                    1996-97

    ·   Dean's List of Excellent Undergraduate Students in the Faculty of                                 1993

     Jewish Studies, Bar Ilan University                  

    ·   Bible Department Asher Veizer Undergraduate Studies Scholarship                              1993

     for Excellence, Bar Ilan University           

    ·   Talmud Department Undergraduate Studies Scholarship for Excellence,                               1993

     Bar Ilan University                       

    ·   Edgar M. Bronfman Youth Fellowship                                                                                          1988




    ·   SBL International Conference, Amsterdam                                                                  2012

     Subject of Paper: 1. Alternating Description in Biblical Narrative

                                  2. Jacob's Dream in its Narrative Context

    ·   SBL National Conference, San Francisco                                                                     2011

       Subject of Paper: The Desired Qualities of the King

    ·   SBL National Conference, Atlanta                                                                          2010

       Subject of Paper: Theology of Choice

    ·   The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

     Subject of Paper: Biblical Theology as a Source for a                                                                   2010

     Modern Theology  (Heb)

    ·   NAPH International Conference, New York                                                         2010

     Subject of Paper: Structuralism and Biblical Narrative


    Biblical Narrative, Literary Analysis, Biblical Theology, Biblical Law

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