The Bible Department at Bar-Ilan University

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The Department of Hebrew Bible is the largest program of Hebrew Bible studies in the World.

Our outstanding faculty covers the full-breadth of Hebrew Bible studies and its members are significant contributors to research in the field.

Students considering graduate work are invited to propose projects in a wide array of areas.

We offer a wide offering of courses to registered students and auditers as well.

Study in the department is rooted in traditional approaches and scholarship in combination with the latest critical methodologies.


About the Department

The Tanakh department is dedicated to the teaching and critical study of the plain meaning of the text of the Hebrew Bible.  The department also imparts tools for the study of the entire tradition of classical commentators – the ancient translations from the second-Temple period, Talmudic writings, medieval and early modern rabbinic commentators.  Study in the department imparts tools for critical study in linguistic, historical, archaeological literary and theological approaches to the text.

B.A. and M.A. study offer students the basic skills of research and prepare them for higher level research.  We encourage potential students to propose research projects and to join in the research efforts of the department's faculty. Tanakh study at Bar-Ilan also qualifies students to teach Tanakh in the elementary and secondary school systems in Israel.  Students wishing to do so, also enroll for courses in the School of Education.