Doctoral Study

Requirements for Admission:

1.       Completion of M.A. at an accredited institution.

2.       The recommendation of the department chair.

Tracks of Study:

1.       Regular Track

2.       Direct Track (following completion of B.A.)

3.       Combined Track (Master's degree and Doctoral studies combined).

Structure of Study:

1.       Composition of a doctoral thesis.

2.       An individualized program of study determined by the department chair.

Here is a full list of our courses for 2016-2017. The list changes every year.

A full list of Courses for MA and PhD students in the Department of Bible 2016/2017


Courses in Hebrew


·         Introduction to Biblical Research

·         Social Justice in the HB

·         The United Kingdom: History and Historiography

·         The Elijah-Elisha Narratives

·         Aramaic Targums

·         Jewish Medieval Exegesis to the HB

·         Ezra and Nehemiah

·         The Book of Kings

·         Lament in the ANE and in the HB

·         The Abraham Cycle


Courses in English

·         The Fugitive Hero in the Bible and the Ancient Near East

·         Moral Issues in Jewish Biblical Commentaries

·         Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs

·         The Family in Biblical Law and Stories

·         The Book of Jeremiah

·         Biblical Women


Ancient Languages

Ancient Greek

Akkadian for Beginners and Advanced


The amount of courses that you'll be required to take depends on your former studies. 

The head of department will help you to choose a supervisor for you PhD diss.



You can register here:  

When applying to our department, please send us your CV, your BA diploma and grades and your MA diploma and grades.