Dr. Zvi Shimon

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·  Ph.D., Bible, Bar Ilan University,

   Dissertation: Contrast in Biblical Narrative (Heb.), Supervisor Prof. Ed Greesnstein

   President's Scholarship Program

   Pinchas Churgin Award for Outsdanding Doctoral Thesis                             2009

·  M.S., Education, Yeshiva University                                                             

 Block Scholarship Program                                                              1998

·  B.A., with Honors, Talmud and Bible, Bar Ilan University

Dean's List of  Excellent Undergraduate Students                                                            1994


Professional Experience


·  Bible Lecturer, Bar Ilan University                                                                     2001-present

·  Bible Lecturer, Ashkelon College                                                                         2005-present

·  Bible lecturer, Herzog Teacher's College                                                                   2011-12

·  Virtual Beit Midrash (VBM)                                                                                    1996-98

Weekly internet article on bilical exegesis with a subscription of over a thousand students


Awards and Honors


·   Outstanding Lecturer, Bar Ilan University                                                                                   2011

·   Memorial Foundation Grant                                                                                        2011

·   Outstanding Lecturer, Ashkelon College                                                             2010

·   Beth Shalom Grant                                                                                                    2010

·   Pinchas Churgin Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis                                     2009

·   President's Scholarship for Excellent Doctoral Students, Bar Ilan University                     2003   

·   Block Program Scholarship, Yeshiva University                                                                    1996-97

·   Dean's List of Excellent Undergraduate Students in the Faculty of                                 1993

 Jewish Studies, Bar Ilan University                  

·   Bible Department Asher Veizer Undergraduate Studies Scholarship                              1993

 for Excellence, Bar Ilan University           

·   Talmud Department Undergraduate Studies Scholarship for Excellence,                               1993

 Bar Ilan University                       

·   Edgar M. Bronfman Youth Fellowship                                                                                          1988




·   SBL International Conference, Amsterdam                                                                  2012

 Subject of Paper: 1. Alternating Description in Biblical Narrative

                              2. Jacob's Dream in its Narrative Context

·   SBL National Conference, San Francisco                                                                     2011

   Subject of Paper: The Desired Qualities of the King

·   SBL National Conference, Atlanta                                                                          2010

   Subject of Paper: Theology of Choice

·   The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

 Subject of Paper: Biblical Theology as a Source for a                                                                   2010

 Modern Theology  (Heb)

·   NAPH International Conference, New York                                                         2010

 Subject of Paper: Structuralism and Biblical Narrative


Biblical Narrative, Literary Analysis, Biblical Theology, Biblical Law



The Biblical Drama of Choice (Heb.) accepted for publication by Magnes Press 2010

Contrast in Biblical Narrative (Heb.) Ph.D. not published, Bar Ilan University 2008

Non-refereed Articles


Published in Bar Ilan University's Parashat Hashavua and on internet site (Heb.)


"From Materialism to Material: Characterization of Lot in the Story of his Release

  from Captivity (Gen. 14)" (2010)

"Type Scene and Characterization in Genesis" (2010)

"The Significance of the Physical Appearance of Characters in the Bible" (2008)

"Judah Leadership vs. Reuben Leadership" (2007)

"Poetry in the Creation Narratives: Song of the Sabbath and Song of Praise to the

  Woman" (2006)


Articles may be accessed through the following links:







Published in the Virtual Beit Midrash (VBM) between the years 1996-98. Articles may be accessed at:

www.vbm-torah.org/archive.htm (under: course archives, YHE - INTPARSHA).



Chapter 9- “The New Order and Shedding  Blood”

Chapters 14,15- “Abram’s Fear”

Chapter 18- “The Cry of Sodom”

Chapter 24- “A Test of Character”

Chapter 25- “The Chronicles of Isaac”

Chapter 28- “The Stairway to Heaven”

Chapter 32- “From Jacob to Israel”

Chapter 37- “The Fall and Rise of Joseph”

Chapter 47- “Jacob’s Last Wish”



Chapter 6- “The Names of God”

Chapter 16- “The Test of the Manna”

Chapter 22- “The Sun of a Thief”

Chapter 27- “The Kindling of the Menorah”

Chapter 32- “The Golden calf”

Chapter 37- “The Mysterious Keruvim”




Chapter 1- “The Significance of the Sacrifices”

Chapters 1-3 “The Secrets of the Sacrifices”

Chapter 7- “The Prohibition of Eating Blood”

Chapter 9- “Playing with Fire”

Chapter 12- “A Life and Death Situation”

Chapter 19- “Holiness”

Chapter 23- “The Counting of the Omer”



Chapter 1- “Levite Genes”

Chapter 6- “The Nazirite”

Chapter 12- “Remembering Miriam’s Sin”

Chapter 13- “Spy vs. Spy”

Chapter 16- “Dirty Politics, Crisis in the Coalition”

Chapter 21- “The Snake that Heals”

Chapter 25- “Succumbing to Seduction”

Chapter 27- “Women’s Turf”

Chapter 35- “Killer on the Run”



Chapters 1-3 “Address to the Nation”

Chapter 5- “Just One Sabbath”

Chapter 10- “Love thy Stranger”

Chapter 21- “Love and War, The Fate of the Female Captive”

Chapter 30- “The Path of Return”

Chapter 32- “Divine Poetry”