Dr. Nava Cohen

Dr. Nava Cohen
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Ph.D. in Bible from Bar-Ilan University (2008-2011)

The program for Bible Study and Biblical Exegesis at Matan, MA (magna cum laude) in Judaic Studies from the University of Baltimore (2001-2002)

BA in Jewish History and Geography (magna cum laude) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1988-1991)

Teacher’s certificate in Bible and Oral Law (magna cum laude) from the Jerusalem College for Women (Michlala) (1987-1990)


Participation in International Conferences:

May 2011: "Regular wisdom and deep wisdom, and the 'dual' theory of Divine retribution in Rashbam's commentary on Qoheleth", The Simple Truths Renewed – Rashbam's Commentaries on the Bible: International Conference, Ramat Gan, 30 May 2011

July 2011: "Structure and Significance in Kohelet Chapters 1-2", SBL International Meeting, London, 7–11 July 2011.

July 2012: "A Re-examination of the Attitude of Koheleth to the 'Evil Woman", SBL International Meeting, Amsterdam, 22–26 July 2012.

July 2013: "The Literary Function of the Verses of Praise in Psalm 92", SBL International Meeting, St. Andreus, 7–11 July 2013.

August, 2013: "Natural retribution and Divine retribution as the key to exposing the structure of Qoheleth", 16thWorld Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, 28 July – 1 August, 2013.

July 2014: "I set my mind..." (Qohelet 1,12) Structure and Meaning in the Reflective Passages in the Book of Qohelet", SBL International Meeting, Vienna, 7–11 July 2014.

July 2014: Rashbam's Understanding of the Carpe Diem Passages in Qoheleth, EAJH International Meeting, Paris, 20-24 July 2014.

Masters' Thesis topic: "Thematic Literary Analysis of Rashbam's Commentary on Ecclesiastes". Supervisor: Dr. Mordechai Sabbato

Doctoral Thesis topic: "Structural Principles of Cohesion in the Book of Ecclesiastes and their Exegetical Significance". Supervisor: Prof. Eliyahu Assis


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